Birthday Parties at Project Studio


Planning a birthday party can be stressful. Every mom and dad wants their child to have a day they will never forget, but does mom really want to clean the house? Does dad really want to be in charge of the busting of a piñata by the number one hitter on the little league team … while wearing a blindfold? Nah, we know you don’t want those kinds of stressors in your life, so have we got a plan for you.

Host your next birthday party at Project Studio!

First pick your date. We recommend planning as early as possible as the studio can book up to several weeks in advance. Bring your child in and let him or her pick out one project for each for each of their friends to create. As for the rest, we will supply everything needed to create a wonderful project each child can take home. Parties last two hours, and parents are more than welcome to bring in cake, snacks and drinks.

Honestly, could it get much easier than this? To reserve your date, please call Lea Sullivan at 770-842-6141.

Grad Gifts and End of Year Outings

It’s hard to believe, but the 2017 school year is quickly drawing to a close. This means there will be graduation celebrations and end-of-year parties. You know what this also means? Gifts! This year, let Project Studio take the worry out of what to buy that extraordinary graduate. We can custom create a sign like the one seen here, or you can join us during open studio hours and make your own special gift.

Project Studio is also a great place for friends to gather for an end-of-year celebration. From elementary aged school kids to college kids parting ways, an evening at the studio can create not only projects, but also memories for a lifetime.

Come in today and order your gift for that special grad, or you may sign up for open studio hours here. And to all those graduates out there, Congrats and Best Wishes!

Waco – A Truly Eye Opening Trip

After breakfast, we walked over to the market, but not before noticing the gardeners watering the perfectly planted flower boxes. We paused to take in the whole environment, from the greeters smiling and welcoming you, the food trucks, the garden shop to the kids throwing footballs on the lawn. The entire thing is genius, I tell ya. It’s a mini Mayberry right there in Waco. 

We shopped. We touched. We smelled. The whole place smells beautiful…another mental note...light a candle at the studio… stain is not a great scent for a candle!  We bought; honestly, you can’t help yourself because you feel like you just have to have something. The shelves are fully stocked at all times and the store is clean, fresh and staffed with the most wonderful people.  It is inspirational to say the least.


To say Joanna and Chip Gaines are marketing geniuses is an understatement.  From the moment you walk on to the Magnolia Market property all five senses are immediately put to work. First, a quick stop at the bakery to grab a cinnamon roll with the silkiest most delicious icing you ever put in your mouth. In Amy’s words, “it is exactly what you thought a Joanna cinnamon roll would taste like…perfect!”

Then you sit on the patio, yes the very same one you see on TV and think “how cute.”  The soft music swirls around and you think to yourself…man we need to up our game on our play list in the studio…what song is this?  I love it…make a mental note.

We left the shop and sat under the barn and just took a deep breath. We had a lot to think about.  We talked about the direction of our little studio, and we have ideas…boy do we have ideas. So look out Marietta. Waco, Texas and Magnolia Market have inspired us, and we can’t wait to share all we learned. We think you’re gonna love it!

Celebrate Weddings & Babies the Project Studio Way

Life is full of seasons, not just seasons like winter and summer, but more like seasons that are filled with wedding and babies. It seems as if once one wedding shower invitation arrives, four more follow right behind that one. And the baby showers? Sometimes it feels like it truly might be in the water.

If you have found yourself in one of these seasons and you are struggling with finding that perfect gift, look no further than Project Studio. From customized gifts to open studio hours that allow you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind gift, we have it all. Boards with the newlyweds name on it are quite popular, as are birth boards that we customize with the baby’s name, height, weight, eye and hair color. Bless this house door hangers are a beloved gift as are phrase boards with sayings such as, “As for Me and My House, We will Serve the Lord.”

In charge of hosting a shower? Why not host the bride-to-be or the mom-to-be with a shower thrown at our studio. We have done several of these and they are becoming quite popular. Guests truly love the opportunity to select from several price points, and the honoree of the event goes home with incredible, and oh so special, projects for her home or nursery.

We hope we have got you thinking and that you will call us for all of your wedding and baby gift needs.

2017 and Project Studio

Wow, January has come and is almost gone! The holidays had our elves busy with parties, open studio hours and lots of fun classes, but now it’s time to renew and start fresh. Do you find yourself in the same place?

We want to help you begin a new season in your home and life this year! We are now offering many great projects to replace those empty spaces on the walls … you know, the one where the wreath hung? If you don’t have the time to create, let us create it for you! Custom orders are our specialty.

We also want to take the stress out of searching for that coveted baby and wedding shower gift. We have, what we like to believe, the best gift selection in town. Anyone can buy an everyday dish, but to walk in with a customized piece for a newlywed or new mom will put you at the top of the thank you list!

It’s a New Year, not just on the calendar, but at Project Studio as well. In the next few months you are going to see How to Videos from us, fun and exciting contests, bible study opportunities and so much more! So get ready to renew and refresh and Bring It On 2017!

Thank You!!!

For weeks I have been trying to decide how to start the Project Studio blog, and after this past week it became crystal clear. I just want to say thank you! Thank you for exceeding my wildest expectations of how the community would embrace our little corner of the world on Mary Eliza Trace in Marietta.

I opened Project Studio with the vision of creating a place where people could come in and create.  A place where one could shop for unique and personal gifts without traveling great distance.  A place where customers would just want to pop in and say hello. In just a few short months, the studio has become this and so much more.

Friends gather for parties, celebrations and girls’ night out. Little ones love to leave with projects they have created on their own, and most importantly? Everyone leaves with a project they are proud to display at their home and a smile on their face!

So as we leave the season of thankfulness and jump into the hectic holiday season, please know how thankful I am for each of you that have come in to create, shop or just say hi! We are looking forward to a great December and hope to see you all this month.


Welcome to PROJECT studio!!!

We softly opened our doors last Wednesday not knowing what to expect. This has been a dream of ours for a long time. We have always known that creative people are more creative when they are creating together. The energy, knowledge and finding the unexpected talent in you when others share what God has gifted them with stirs something in us. We love it!!!

We have found ourselves answering the same question over and over the past few days…”What is this place?” and the answer is always the same. A place where you can come and create. Do you find yourself looking at Pinterest and wonder how you could ever make that or think to yourself I don’t have the tools or supplies? PROJECT does! We also have a lot more. We have incredible artists who can help you in all aspects of your design as well as teach you something new. Have you ever just wanted to learn a new technique or challenge yourself?  PROJECT is the place for that. We offer classes from painting an abstract masterpiece to hand lettering the perfect sign for your home and everything in between.

You can also shop…did you know there are incredible artists in our community doing their thing? We have their goods and are excited for you to get a chance to see and purchase them. They are amazing women and men that have a story and are making a difference though their art. We can’t wait to introduce them to you!

So our hope is that you would stop by and say hello and shop a little. Sit down and color one of our coloring sheets, have a cup of coffee and just enjoy the space we have created for you. We might just stir the unexpected in your soul…we are saving a seat for you!