Welcome to PROJECT studio!!!

We softly opened our doors last Wednesday not knowing what to expect. This has been a dream of ours for a long time. We have always known that creative people are more creative when they are creating together. The energy, knowledge and finding the unexpected talent in you when others share what God has gifted them with stirs something in us. We love it!!!

We have found ourselves answering the same question over and over the past few days…”What is this place?” and the answer is always the same. A place where you can come and create. Do you find yourself looking at Pinterest and wonder how you could ever make that or think to yourself I don’t have the tools or supplies? PROJECT does! We also have a lot more. We have incredible artists who can help you in all aspects of your design as well as teach you something new. Have you ever just wanted to learn a new technique or challenge yourself?  PROJECT is the place for that. We offer classes from painting an abstract masterpiece to hand lettering the perfect sign for your home and everything in between.

You can also shop…did you know there are incredible artists in our community doing their thing? We have their goods and are excited for you to get a chance to see and purchase them. They are amazing women and men that have a story and are making a difference though their art. We can’t wait to introduce them to you!

So our hope is that you would stop by and say hello and shop a little. Sit down and color one of our coloring sheets, have a cup of coffee and just enjoy the space we have created for you. We might just stir the unexpected in your soul…we are saving a seat for you!