Waco – A Truly Eye Opening Trip

After breakfast, we walked over to the market, but not before noticing the gardeners watering the perfectly planted flower boxes. We paused to take in the whole environment, from the greeters smiling and welcoming you, the food trucks, the garden shop to the kids throwing footballs on the lawn. The entire thing is genius, I tell ya. It’s a mini Mayberry right there in Waco. 

We shopped. We touched. We smelled. The whole place smells beautiful…another mental note...light a candle at the studio… stain is not a great scent for a candle!  We bought; honestly, you can’t help yourself because you feel like you just have to have something. The shelves are fully stocked at all times and the store is clean, fresh and staffed with the most wonderful people.  It is inspirational to say the least.


To say Joanna and Chip Gaines are marketing geniuses is an understatement.  From the moment you walk on to the Magnolia Market property all five senses are immediately put to work. First, a quick stop at the bakery to grab a cinnamon roll with the silkiest most delicious icing you ever put in your mouth. In Amy’s words, “it is exactly what you thought a Joanna cinnamon roll would taste like…perfect!”

Then you sit on the patio, yes the very same one you see on TV and think “how cute.”  The soft music swirls around and you think to yourself…man we need to up our game on our play list in the studio…what song is this?  I love it…make a mental note.

We left the shop and sat under the barn and just took a deep breath. We had a lot to think about.  We talked about the direction of our little studio, and we have ideas…boy do we have ideas. So look out Marietta. Waco, Texas and Magnolia Market have inspired us, and we can’t wait to share all we learned. We think you’re gonna love it!

Jill Alford